Would you like to have silver cutlery newly made for your home? We would be pleased to provide it: from among 100 different designs, customers can choose the perfect one to suit their taste. Of course we will also cater to your very personal requirements and ideas. Our personal favourite: the “Alt Wien” silver cutlery designed by Franz Karl Fischmeister, the great-great-great grandfather of the sixth-generation master goldsmith Franz Fischmeister.

Decanter Set "Silhouette"

925f sterling silver

Oval bowl "Baroque" pattern

800f silver, available also in 925 sterling silver on demand

Milk Jug "Cow"

925f sterling silver, inside gold plated

Tooth Box "Teddy Bear"

925f sterling silver, moveable head and arms

Bread Knife "Cheetah"

800f silver and steel